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Learning to hit the target

'Master,' a disciple once asked, 'why are there difficulties that hinder us from achieving the goal, deflect us away from the chosen path, trying to make us admit our weakness?'

'What you call difficulties,' said the Master, 'is actually a part of your goal. Stop fighting them. Just think about them, and take them into account when you choose your path. Imagine that you shoot from a bow. The target is far away, and you cannot see it as a thick fog has covered the ground. Do you fight this fog? No, you wait for the wind to blow and disperse the fog. Now the target is visible, but the wind deflects the flight of your arrows. Did you fight this wind? No, you just determine its direction and make adjustments to the angle of your bow. Your bow is heavy and tough, and you do not have the strength to bend it. Do you fight your bow? No, you train your muscles, bending your bow harder every time.'

'But there are people who shoot from lightweight, flexible bows in clear, calm weather,' the disciple complained. 'Why is it than only my arrows encounter so many obstacles in their path? Is the Universe resisting my progress?'

'Do not look at others,' the Master smiled. 'Everyone has their own bow, their own target and their own time for the shot. Some aim to make an exact hit, others aim for the opportunity to learn to shoot.'

The Master lowered his voice and leaned to the disciple:
'And I want to tell you a terrible secret, my boy. Fog does not cover the ground in order to prevent your shot, the wind does not blow in order to divert your arrow, the bow has not been created heavy and touch just to make you aware of your weakness. All that exists by itself. It is you who decided that you can hit the target under these conditions. Therefore, either stop complaining about the difficulties and begin to shoot, or silence your pride and pick an easier target. One that you can hit at close range.'

Translated by me, original here.